Exhibition by Moff Skellington



The opening went very well despite the snow and we were delighted that Otley Mayor Mary Vickers opened the exhibition. Moff’s work received a lot of positive feedback and his exhibition will go on until 11th April.



A new exhibition at bonoartgallery by Moff Skellington

The Bono Art Gallery is delighted to present a most talented artist Moff Skellington from Otley.

The opening of his exhibition will be on Saturday 23rd  March from 7pm till 10pm and you are most welcome.

 Moff’s highly creative work will be displayed until 11th April 2013. 

 Moff Skellington believes reality is the product of the interaction between three powerful elements: Octoberness, Perfection and Slapstick.

Octoberness is a complexity of emotions associated with the transition from summer into autumn; it is also a sense of pending, of waiting for something to happen.

Perfection is that unattainable state of flawlessness that every schoolboy knows does not exist. Moff Skellington believes a flaw to be an imaginary side product of rules created by the human intellect. Take away human perception and suddenly everything is perfect by dint of its mere existence.

The third element Slapstick is, like gravity, an inescapable force of nature. It teaches us through comical mishap, embarrassment and enforced clumsiness, valuable and life enhancing lessons in humility. Through the good offices of Slapstick we are delivered from pomposity, conceit and misplaced sobriety.

Moff is a practitioner of Edoddi: a traditional blend of art pictures, word poems and music tunes. The spirit of Edoddi provides for those who seek it a means to create authentic folk arts for the present day – a folk medium for the individual, a tradition of one or more in an age of alienation. In Edoddi there are no rules except those of one’s own making; it is a free musical expression of one’s mind and one’s experience of life. When he’s not recording, or writing, Moff is painting. Or having a brew.


Coastal Magic
Black & White Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 60.5 cm
Black edged Box Canvas


Erotic Encounter
Black & White Acrylic on Canvas
67.5 x 55.5 cm
Canvas mounted on board



Intersections of philosophy, logic and biology in design

Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos

Computer exploration of original art work by Roberto Bono.
Music by:
Andrea Alberti: Enter 
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Bob SalmieriEnter
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Prof Yiannis Papadopo#581DA

On Monday 11th March, Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos gave his inaugural lecture: “Intersections of philosophy, logic and biology in design”. As the audience arrived, they were treated to a constantly evolving piece of dynamic artwork — one of the more unusual outcomes of Prof Papadopoulos’s research. The lecture itself was a fascinating journey through topics including Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Heraclitus of Ephesus and Zeno of Elea, the evolutionary biological theories of Charles Darwin, as well as Boolean and temporal logics. These different ideas have all fed into Prof Papadopoulos’s work on the design of complex engineering systems.

Central to this work is the HiP-HOPS technique — “Hierarchically Performed Hazard Origin & Propagation Studies” — which allows engineers to analyse models of their systems to determine characteristics such as safety and reliability. However, making those models is still a challenging task, so Prof Papadopoulos has also led new work into the use of genetic optimisation algorithms to automatically improve the quality of models through evolutionary development.

This optimisation technology has other uses beyond engineering, however, and can even be adapted to improving aesthetics. Working in conjunction with abstract painter Roberto Bono, musicians Alberto Alberti and Bob Salmieri, and fellow computer scientist David Parker, Prof Papadopoulos has created a way of exploring an audio-visual design space containing trillions of possible configurations of musically-accompanied paintings. In closing his lecture, he showed the audience how such algorithms can be used to evolve works of art as well as engineering models, and offered some thoughts on the many possible future directions of these ideas.

Computer exploration of original art work by Roberto Bono.
Music by:
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Hull University

Artists are very welcome to apply


Since we’ve opened lots of interested people have come into the gallery.
We are also delighted that 2 or 3 artists a day come and ask to exhibit their work.
We are currently compiling our exhibitions and events calendar so artists are very welcome to apply.

We are involved in a network of international art galleries to create an exchange of artwork . At the moment there are 3 galleries, one in Sicily,one in Frankfurt and Bonoartgallery in Otley, Art galleries are welcome to get in touch with us.