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Opening Saturday 20th April at 6pm.

You are warmly invited

Five centuries ago, a Renaissance Man, Alberti, explained the purpose of visual Art by considering how the analogy between actions frescoed on the walls of a meeting hall, say – the distant space and imaginary time or dynamic of the often great acts depicted – framed, shaped, the inner worlds of the actors meeting in the hall, sacred or secular, moving them to act and interact in good ways.

A painting/sculpture and the imaginary world it inhabited would shape the thoughts and feelings and actions and interactions of those who moved around it or passed by, as real and imaginary worlds merged.

Later ‘ordinary’ people would follow the great patrons of Art, buying smaller panels for the walls of their homes, and finally everyone would have prints and posters and TVs and computers and luminous touch screens in their rooms and even their pockets.

 Roberto Bono

 Tim Chorlton

 Shane Green

 Michael John Griffiths

Diana Henderson

Siobhan Lee-Bond

 Moff Skellington

 Greg Townend

John Whitehead