Shane Green: 2 dates.

Shane Green at the bono art Gallery.

Shane Green at the bono art Gallery.

PAINTING LIVE at the bonoartgallery, Thursday 30th May, 4-7 pm, EVERYBODY WELCOME

‘The Tightrope Walker’
6 x 9 feet.
Never been exhibited before!
… at the bonoartgallery from 1st June til 28th June.
Official opening 7th June, 6-9pm.


Large Format Works by Shane Green


Shane Green : 1 June – 27 June
(Official opening FRIDAY 7 June, 6-9pm)

Large Format Works
•I will be exhibiting a select series of my large scale paintings this forthcoming June at the Bono Art Gallery in Otley …
•These works span over ten years but most have been revisited on a number of occasions.
•The drive behind the works is supported by urgency, spontaneity and a sheer passion for the act of creativity and painting.
•The themes vary from both the urban and rural landscape, both local and global..visits to the Alps, U.S.A. and India have inspired…as well as other avenues I have pursued..
•There will be sculptures and videos aswell as traditional painting.
•I am proud to show these works together for the ?rst time at the Bono Art Gallery in Otley.

Solo exhibition by John Whitehead

Behind the Veil and Into the Infinite

Golden girl3

The Bono Art Galley is proud to present the first Contemporary Solo exhibition from John Whitehead in Otley

The opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday 11th May from 7pm till 10pm and you are most welcome.

John’s work ranges from painting, sculpture, photography and video that all focus on themes of Violence, Behavioural Psychology, and idea of multiple personalities within society.

 Behind the Veil and Into the Infinite is an exhibition of artworks that try to question what reality is and how we define who we are.

The inspiration for the work comes from extensive reading and research of extreme thinkers from Slavoj Zizek to Walter Benjamin and from personal experience.  The theories of Zizek’s work, especially on Violence, were the starting point for most of his work. Zizek’ theories put violence into three main categories: subjective, objective and symbolic.

 “The Real in its extreme violence is the price to be paid for peeling off the deceptive layers of reality.” – Slavoj Zizek

This leads us to question what we believe is real. The “deceptive layers of reality”

Are the things that get in the way and distract us in daily life. The television that sells us propaganda of war on terror to the cloths we wear made in factories in India for cheap labour.

We define ourselves by what we do, what we wear and the actions we take. The jobs that we grow to loath replace our dreams that slowly fade and drift into the infinite. Like a masquerade we are not all that we seem and when removing our masks we can finally see through the fakery.