Painted Poetry

Michael John Griffiths at the bonoartgallery
27/07 – 05/09
Opening Saturday 27th July, 7pm onwards.

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A life well spent.

Having worked in illustration and graphic design in his early career Michael became drawn to painting later in life, and though the influence of his early experiences are prevalent in his work, these works are by no means illustrations. Allow me to define the difference. An illustration presents an idea in completion, Michaelʼs paintings are very much open to interpretation by the viewer. Michael is an artist in the truest sense of the term. He weaves his thoughts and feelings into a labyrinth of possible meanings. His interest in astronomy and the myths of the ancients are evident as we ponder the content of his work, but they are not merely presenting a closed depiction of one persons ideas. On the contrary they offer a portal into our own relationship with the process of living a life as a contemporary member of the human race. The deference Michael has to great figures from the past such as Rossetti and Botticelli are present as a reminder of our own potential. His repeated representation of people from his own past are as our own recollection of the personalities that inhabit our own memory. The inclusion of poetry in his visual statement pours into the ocean of meaning he lays at our feet. It is an ocean that laps at the shores of our humanity and washes over us in wave after repeated wave in eloquent shades and tones of carefully applied paint. Michael has a rare talent for painting and he inspires his peers to reach towards new heights. I am thrilled that Otley is home to a painter of this much talent, and am equally thrilled that Roberto Bono has had the vision to provide a space to showcase work of this nature. I am delighted to count both men amongst my friends.
David Veron

The opening – Solo exhibition by Yan Wang

The opening of Yan Wang’s exhibition at the Bono Art Gallery was a great success with people coming to view her work from Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow and beyond. There is a very positive vibe in her paintings and we really recommend you come and view Yan’s work as she is very talented and, we believe, a very good investment for those of you who are buyers of original art work She is sure to become famous in years to come.
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