Intero Art project

Artists in Residence: 4 open-plan artist work spaces  plus 100 artists in one gallery

Intero is the Italian word for ‘whole’ or ‘all’ and it’s purpose is to connect artists with the general public by inviting them into a working space, using art to develop a sense of community and give the public access to artists in both real world and digital experiences.

For 12 months, starting the 18th December 2013, the Bono Gallery space will be transformed into 4 open-plan artist work spaces. The spaces will be offered to local working artists and will give them each three months access. The space will be open to the general public throughout. Each three month ‘block’ will start with a gallery exhibition of the artists current work then the space will be handed to the artists to work in for the next three months. Each artist will have a creative working space to operate in and an area to sell their work.
A condition of being awarded the space is that each must hold at least one open workshop, community activity or lecture night during their time at the gallery.
After their 3 months involvement in Project Intero, there will be a closing exhibition of the art created.

100 artists in one gallery: How people access art has changed dramatically over the last few years. A unique part of the gallery will be the interactive digital element. In order to allow the public more access to local artists and show case as much local talent as possible, we are commissioning a giant interactive map of artists working in the Yorkshire area with supporting website. Visitors to the gallery will be able to access the artists work with their smart phones and buy pieces via the web site. This will allow visitors to the gallery to experience a vast array of local talent from one single stand point.

There will be a rental cost to pay by the Artists in residence that will be £200 per month all included.

Artists can apply by email at: or through this site.

Please indicate which three month ‘block’ would you prefer (first 3 months block starts 18th December)

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