Generative Multimedia Art Performace

Proffessor Yiannis Papadopoulus, Roberto Bono and Alejandro Lopez Rincon Present an exploration of their work in the field of generative art, on Saturday 1st March 2014, at The Bono Art Gallery 7a Courthouse Street, Otley. LS21 3AN

Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos will give a short talk on an “Evolving musical painting on the boundary between permanence and change” an artistic concept that he developed together with painter Roberto Bono and musicians Andrea Alberti and Bob Salmieri.

He will give a live demonstration of the work and  discuss the conceptual and philosophical underpinnings of this novel artistic concept and its future expansion with potential applications on art therapy, novel musical instrumentation, and educational games. This work has recently been presented at the XVI International Generative Art Conference and has been exhibited in La Triennale di Milano the major contemporary design museum in Italy.”

Roberto Bono is an abstract painter who experiments with double-sided paintings and panels that can be joined together in different ways, creating a three dimensional space that crosses the boundary between painting and sculpture.

Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos imagined these many potential paintings as points in a vast artistic landscape, like wild flowers in a Mediterranean field in the spring. Roberto’s paintings are bright and colourful, and so the metaphor of the flower meadow was effortlessly evoked and worked well as a concept to inspire this art project.

There is a pervasive feeling of “everything changes and everything stays the same” in the experience of this art. Indeed, this work can be seen as an experiment on the edge between movement and stillness, stability and instability, permanence and change. This is a boundary that is both intriguing and fascinating, and one that has been the subject of deeply significant philosophical and artistic work in the past.

We like to think that there is both artistic merit and potentially useful practical applications in this project. For example, informal feedback by clinicians who have experienced this artwork — and also from patients who have seen this in public presentations — suggests that it can have a therapeutic effect, e.g. on people with long term conditions like autism, tinnitus, or dementia. We are currently planning research together with clinicians to test this hypothesis.

“West” Visual artwork by Roberto Bono, “Porta Ossuna” – Music by Andrea Alberti
You can click on the above image to experience the project for yourself. It requires a Microsoft Silverlight plugin and you will be prompted to install it if you haven’t already.

The live demonstration will be followed by an Art performance by a Mexican Artist, Alejandro Lopez Rincon, that will generate images by mixing the signals from his heart, the electromagnetic noise, and the sound of the room.

“There was this beautiful being, I fell in love with, and I just wanted to show her how she made me feel. Therefore, I built a device to measure my heart transform signals from the environment into images, to capture the moments, make the invisible visible. Please join me at the Bono Art Gallery, and help me create beautiful images.

Alejandro Lopez Rincon, Image  generate by mixing the signals from his heart. This image is the phrase “te amo”

What do I do? I generate images by mixing the signals from my heart, the electromagnetic noise, and the sound of the room. Is a way in which everyone in the room is connected to me, and together we make images. Then, I introduced some coefficients from their spectrum into the Fibonacci spiral. Why the Fibonacci Spiral?, because it is a model present in so many things in nature.

Alejandro Lopez Rincon

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