Generative Multimedia Art Performace

Proffessor Yiannis Papadopoulus, Roberto Bono and Alejandro Lopez Rincon Present an exploration of their work in the field of generative art.
Saturday 1st March, 2014, 8.00pm
@ The Bono Art Gallery 7a Courthouse Street, Otley. LS21 3AN

A unique exhibition mixing science, math, medicine with painting and music generated by a live heart can be seen for one night only. 

Its rare appearance in Otley next month is due to the collaboration of gallery owner Roberto Bono in the study led by Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos from the Department of Computer Science, University of Hull.

Sicilian born Bono is an abstract painter who experiments with double-sided paintings and panels that can be joined together in different ways creating a three dimensional space that crosses the boundary between painting and sculpture.  Roberto has created 12 double sided abstract panels for this study that can be flipped, rotated and positioned to make ‘quintillions’ of combinations.

Professor Papadopoulos has imagined these paintings as points in a vast artistic landscape, like wild flowers in a Mediterranean field in the spring. Roberto’s paintings are bright and colourful and so the metaphor of the flower meadow was effortlessly evoked and worked well as a concept to inspire this art project.

On March 1st Roberto will give a live demonstration of his work whilst Professor Papadopoulos discusses the concepts and philosophies underpinning this novel artistic concept and its future expansion with potential applications on art therapy, novel musical instrumentation and educational games.

“We like to think that there is both artistic merit and potentially useful practical applications in this project,” says Roberto.  “For example, informal feedback by clinicians who have experienced this artwork, and also from patients who have seen this in public presentations, suggests that it can have a therapeutic effect on people with long term conditions such as autism, tinnitus and dementia. We are currently planning research together with clinicians to test this hypothesis.”

“West” Visual artwork by Roberto Bono, “Porta Ossuna” – Music by Andrea Alberti
You can click on the above image to experience the project for yourself.

 It requires a Microsoft Silverlight plugin and you will be prompted to install it if you haven’t already.

The live demonstration will be followed by a performance from Mexican Artist and study collaborator Alejandro Lopez Rincon who will generate images around the gallery by mixing the signals from his heart with electromagnetic noise and the sound of the room itself.

“There was this beautiful being, I fell in love with, and I just wanted to show her how she made me feel. Therefore, I built a device to measure my heart transform signals from the environment into images, to capture the moments, make the invisible visible. Please join me at the Bono Art Gallery, and help me create beautiful images.

Alejandro Lopez Rincon, Image  generate by mixing the signals from his heart. This image is the phrase “te amo” (click the image to enlarge)

What do I do? I generate images by mixing the signals from my heart, the electromagnetic noise, and the sound of the room. Is a way in which everyone in the room is connected to me, and together we make images. Then, I introduced some coefficients from their spectrum into the Fibonacci spiral. Why the Fibonacci Spiral?, because it is a model present in so many things in nature.

Alejandro Lopez Rincon

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The Computer Science department at University of Hull is planning a portfolio of conceptual art, starting with this series of musical painting sculptures that can be virtualised and enhanced with technologies to create interesting art works which, beyond their artistic merit, can also provide case studies for art therapy.

Hull Royal Infirmary has confirmed that it will be displaying Roberto’s three dimensional panels created for this study in its new refurbished patient unit later this year. ENDS

Roberto Bono: The Artist and chess player, Roberto Bono, left Sicily in 1982 to live and work in Iceland, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London before settling in Otley with his family in 2005. Since which he has continued to grow an international community of artists and creative thinkers through his website, eventually opening the Bono Art Gallery in 2012 showcasing the work of a diverse range of local and international artists and offering work spaces to artists of all mediums.

Roberto’s recent collaboration with Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos and a small group of mathematicians and musicians has been a natural evolution for his work, stretching the possibilities of the aesthetic into new realms.

The mind boggling number of combinations created by his generative art collaborations are paradoxically reflective on the human activity of painting. To watch a projection of Roberto’s panels being rearranged by a machine which each time evaluates the subsequent composition for aesthetic merit, allows the viewer an insight into the compositional dialogue between a painter and his work.

What is Generative Art?

Generative art is a term given to work which stems from concentrating on the processes involved in producing an artwork, usually (although not strictly) automated by the use of a machine or computer, or by using mathematic or pragmatic instructions to define the rules by which such artworks are executed.

Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist creates a process, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other procedural invention, which is then set into motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a completed work of art.

The Computer Science Department at University of Hull has a strong track record in technologies that can support this type of research: software engineering, graphics, games and artificial intelligence.

Specifically, computer scientists have been employing these technologies in collaboration with painters and musicians on projects in the field of generative art.  Results of this work include the conceptual art work which presently gains international recognition and a paper on this work entitled “An evolving Musical Painting on The Boundary between Permanence and Change”

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